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TinyOPDS server

TinyOPDS - it's a small but very useful program that allows you to turn your home computer into a productive OPDS catalog. For those who do not know what the OPDS catalog is, I'll briefly explain: OPDS it's a specification for retrieval of electronic publications, works via HTTP-protocol (such as the most common web-sites), but based on the "atoms" (special XML documents). A lot of e-reader applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8, Linux are able to use OPDS: this is a very convenient and practical!

TinyOPDS setup

TinyOPDS didn't require installation (maybe in the future, I will add an installer). Just download the executable file, create a folder in your profile (or on the desktop!), and copy the program. All service files (database file, log file and user settings) will be created in this directory. TinyOPDS is fully portable application now!

Preparing to work

"TinyOPDS" is kinda "one-touch solution", which means that the program is very easy to work.
On the scanner page


choose the path to your ebooks collection, and click the "Start scanning". The scanner will automatically scan selected folder and subfolders, and will find and add to the database all supported electronic books (in fb2 and epub formats) (* Note: * Only zip-archives currently supported). n fact, from this point your personal OPDS server is ready to go! Scanning is fast enough, on my desktop (definitely not the top PC model!), scanning speed reaches about 2,200 books per minute.
(Note: Scanning will create a database file with a name consisting of the converted folder path to the GUID format)This view also displays the current statistics of the scanner.

Next page


allows you to configure the HTTP port number (Note: default port for the HTTP protocol is 80), as well as the prefix path to OPDS (if required). Also, you can use the UPnP port forwarding feature (Note: tested on Netgear FVG318 only but should work on all UPnP-compatible routers)

The "Miscellaneous" page


will help you to setup some application settings (GUI and server UI language, etc.). The settings names are self-explanatory, so I'll not describe them in detail.

However, I want to draw your attention to a very important parameter - to the "Path to the ePub converter". The standard OPDS protocol provides support for epub format only, and the majority of the ebook readers (for exceptions, see below), expect to get a link to the ebooks in the epub format. That means, if you have fb2-based ebook library, you definitely need to install free fb2epub converter!
(Note: Some OPDS client for Android OS, such as FBReader and Moon + Reader, are able to download books in fb2 format. So, if you are using these readers, you don't need a converter)

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